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by | Microsoft Lumia 550 | February 18th, 2016

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Lumia 550, the smart cost effective mobile phone from Microsoft can now be bought by Russian citizens. The price for Lumia 550 Windows 10 (Lumia series) in Russia is currently 9490 Rubbles ($141). According to latest news update the fabulous offer from Microsoft will be ready by mid-December 2015. This customer friendly budget phone Lumia 550 of Lumia series is endowed with amazing features. Best Buy Lumia 550 Deals are available at

Best Buy Lumia 550

Best Features of Lumia 550

  • A mediocre 4.7 inch display screen with rear (5MP) and front camera (2MP).
  • Supported and powered adequately by quad core Snap-dragon (210 processor) plus 1GB random memory and 8GB expandable storage space
  • Quality design and power-packed qualities have already made it a hit with eager customers
  • The outer design and appearance (shiny white and matte black) gives a touch of elegance to the phone
  • Added support provided for hi-speed mobile networks (LTE)

Lumia 550 Battery

Russian customers can visit online Microsoft stores to place a pre-order for Lumia 550 mobile phones. You can even derive more detailed information on the phone specifications and other special qualities through online reviews by mobile experts.

Lumia 550 is equipped with latest communication techniques such as Wi-Fi 802.11 with A2DP Bluetooth. There is a GPS setting and micro USB connector. Other special features include MP3 Player, 15 GB cloud space, PDF document reader and video/picture editor.

Expert Review on Lumia 550

Experts suggest that for an inexpensive phone, Lumia 550 works really well with fast responsive sensors and beautiful display. The battery life is also impressive (16 hours talk-time) and receptive system. The Windows 10 mobile phones have better camera settings, Continuum App support and a brand new iteration. The very first set of Windows 10 smart phones were Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL followed by Lumia 550.

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