Camera and Processor of Microsoft Lumia 640 Vs Microsoft Lumia 535

by | Microsoft Lumia 640 | December 18th, 2015

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Microsoft Lumia 535 was the first phone from the house of Microsoft, after it acquired Nokia. Given the poor reception of Lumia 530, Microsoft made some serious changes in this model to come at par with its competitors. Till now, there has been a multitude of Lumia Phones available in the market, but Microsoft Lumia 640 and Microsoft Lumia 535 still remain the most popular and pocket friendly budget smartphone in the market. Compare Lumia 535 Best Offers and Lumia 640 Best Offers at Lumia Phone Online Store UK.

Microsoft Lumia 640

Camera for Microsoft Lumia 535 and Microsoft Lumia 640

There are marked differences in the camera of both the devices, Microsoft 535 is perhaps one of those rare phones, whose front and rear facing camera is of the same megapixel. Both the cameras in Lumia 535 are of 5 MP. On the other hand, Lumia 640 has a slightly bigger 8 MP camera on the rear end and an insignificant 0.9 MP camera on the front.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Features

Lumia 640 has several enhanced camera functions like back illuminated sensor and digital zoom. The camera of 640 allows the user to capture pictures in HDR mood and has a video shooting light. If you are a selfies addict, Lumia 535 is your best option within a limited price range. However if you are more interested in normal portrait photography Lumia 640 has a lot more to offer.

Processor and Software for Microsoft 640 Vs Microsoft 535

The difference in the processor of these two phones might not be as stark as that of the camera, but it is not all together insignificant. Both the phones run on a 1.2 GHz quad Core processor, but the catch is while Lumia 640 runs on snap dragon 400, Lumia 535 uses Snapdragon 200. This difference works in Lumia 640’s favour as Snapdragon 400 not only makes your phone faster, but also improves the graphic processor unit of a phone by several degrees.

A efficient GPU means all your apps and games will load much faster in comparison to a Lumia 535, which supports a Snapdragon 200 processor. Along with speed, the efficiency of a phone is also enhanced by several degrees, when it has a better equipped processor at its core.

In terms of camera and processor the distinction is not significant in both of them and choosing anyone of them, can be an upheaval task. Before making a choice it’s important to analyse, what are your expectation from a new phone and how the new device can make your life smooth and hassle free within you limited budget.

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