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by | Microsoft Lumia 650 | April 9th, 2016

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It is very important to make the most of your valuable time, and Microsoft Lumia 650 helps you to do just that. The best way to improve your productivity is to either work hard or work smart. This new gadget allows you to do both.

Pay Monthly Microsoft Lumia 650 Features

Microsoft announced its latest smartphone, the Lumia 650, to run on Windows 10. It has been specifically designed for people who believe in working smarter and better. This particular handset has been built for people who are constantly on the move.

It has been packed with some really impressive features to increase your productivity throughout the day. While it has already been launched in the UK market on 18th February 2016, other countries are yet to receive an update.

Best Features to Use on Microsoft Lumia 650

  • It can create an overall work-life balance by separating your personal life and work life. You can set up personal accounts and individual work accounts to make sure you are focused in office. Likewise, it also ensures that you aren’t distracted by your work when you are enjoying some leisure time.
  • Built-in security of Lumia 650 gives peace of mind. Considering the modern security threats when it comes to your work or personal data, this handset has preloaded security essentials to protect your privacy and data.
  • There are some specially designed features of the Lumia 650 to make sure you can work from almost anywhere. You need not be armed with anything expect your phone. Its long-lasting battery life gives you up to 16 hours talk time with 2 microphones for clear conference calls, wide-angle front camera for HD video calls, and other latest apps from Microsoft Office.
  • Cortana is the latest personal assistant app and your PA to help you prepare and organize for your day ahead. She can provide you all latest information and reminders to sync across the smartphone and your other Windows 10 tablets and PCs.
  • Use OneDrive to sync all your settings, reminders and important details, and access the same from anywhere. You can never miss anything with the Lumia 650.

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