Easy Guide to Use the Gadgets App on Windows 10 , Lumia 950 and 950 XL

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | December 9th, 2015

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Lumia 950 series comes with preloaded Gadget App, which is really exciting and available on Windows 10 mobiles. However, there are some functions that deserve special attention. The most favorite feature of this app is to automatically open up apps when it is connected to any phone accessories like Bluetooth speakers or headphones. However, you can even access it through the app list.

Gadgets App Windows 10

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Opening the Gadgets App Automatically

Let us take an example of your headphones – once you connect your headphone to your Windows 10 mobile and it is paired, the Gadget app immediately opens up and allows you to know that it has been connected and now ready to be used. Thereafter, using the Gadgets app you can choose what to do next when the phone is paired with your headphone. The same process applies in case of speakers and other accessories.

Opening the Gadgets App

  • Customize the app using the Customize command on your mobile screen
  • You can see “When I connect this accessory” option. Under that option you have another choice “Do nothing”. Now you can open any of the apps from the list, show Notification, or open Gadgets app.
  • Tap on “Open app” and select an application you wish to open. For instance, Pandora.

Creating App Shortcut using Gadgets

If you have opted to open Gadgets app automatically whenever it connects to any accessory, add shortcuts only specific to that particular accessory. For instance, whenever you connect the phone to your vehicle’s Bluetooth, either you should open music app or Maps app. You certainly won’t like one specific app to pop open automatically.

  • Tap the accessory tile in Gadgets app
  • Tap (+) plus sign seen next to the Apps
  • Choose the apps you wish to add by simply tapping checkboxes

That’s it!! In some simple steps, you can customize your phone.

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