Entry Level Phones Lumia 535 and Lumia 435 are Most Search Lumia Phones

by | Microsoft Lumia 535 | October 26th, 2015

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Many buyers in UK looking for affordable smart phones find their desired product in form of some smart phone of the Microsoft Lumia family. This is because when it comes to providing budget phones there are few competitors who can rise up to the stature of Microsoft.

Best Seller Lumia 535

There are at least three entry level phones in the Microsoft Lumia family that are contenders for the top spots. One of them is the Microsoft Lumia 435, easily the best in the category in Lumia family and one of the best in the entire industry. Other two are Microsoft Lumia 430 and 535 respectively as both of them offer some amazing features for the price tag at which they are available. Best buy Microsoft Lumia 535 Deals are available at out Online Lumia Phone Store UK.

This is especially applicable for the buyers that are looking for smart phones In the price range of £70 to150 and in that range all these phones are the best bets for the users. A fourth recent addition to the lot is the Microsoft Lumia 550 and though it is not getting as rave reviews as either Microsoft Lumia 435 or Lumia 640 the user feedback is quite impressive and it has also it range of appreciators.

While these budget phones may not be able to compete with the high end phones available In the market, they offer decent features that can take care of the requirements of the average users. These users will not look for the top features of expensive smart phones but will settle for features that can make their experiences of using decent smart phone pleasant.

These smart phones currently operate with Windows 8.1 operating system that is reasonably competent. In addition; they also offer features that are similar to the best expensive smart phones and especially the first time user will find little difference in them. Thus the Microsoft Lumia budget phones offer good investment for the money put on them.

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