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by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | March 3rd, 2016

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Games and apps are ever-growing in number in the Windows Store. It’s often hard to keep up with the app store. For that very reason, you should know all about the apps that have tickled interest. Some of these apps may have also been in the news of late, may be new to Windows store, or could be old apps you’ve just seen. You can download these apps of Best Price Lumia 950 and Best Price Lumia 950 XL; Both are Windows 10 Smartphones.

Windows 10 Apps Store

Noted below are the top 5 apps to try for Windows 10

FlipPad: It’s an app that allows you to create innovative homemade stop-motion caricatures and cartoons on your Windows 10 mobile or PC. It has a built-in drawing tool that gives you 16 different colours and 30 pen sizes. You can create anything new along with a slide and paint.

Zulily: Want to bargain on fashion, kid’s wear, home decor, and goodies? Download Zulily! Fresh lot of discounted items are available every 72 hours on this app. Shopping is now fun on your tablet, smartphone, or computer with this app. You need an account to browse and it can take you to places.

Ouga: A third-party Tumblr app for Windows 10 mobile and PC, Ouga has a well-designed UI and beautiful layout. Blogs appear as larger tiles with author’s description, couples snippets, and banner picture. It’s simple and easy to use.

Harvester: The Windows 10 app that can bring all your social network accounts in one place is Harvester. It serves as a web wrapper for Tweetdeck, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Reddit and Whatsapp. It provides a perfect single interface that allows you to switch between your accounts very quickly.

Brainteasers: A game that follows logic set in a mansion, it is really interesting. With each level, you get 6 rooms, and one of those rooms is where the scene of murder. Your role is to use those clues for deducing who was in which room when the murder tool place. Mysterious and totally addictive!

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