Fingerprint Recognition – Microsoft’s Latest Offering for Windows 10 Mobile

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | May 23rd, 2016

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Microsoft, a pioneer in software industry, has again proved its worth. This time it has come up with a salient feature of unlocking phones with fingerprint recognition.

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Fingerprint Recognition Microsoft Latest Offering for Windows 10 Mobile

Unlike other windows phones, Microsoft is bringing this feature of unlocking facility with just a fingerprint, in its Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update. This is possible only through ‘Windows Hello’ operating system. This may take more of integration for a better functionality of the system. Earlier also, Windows has brought the feature of facial recognition which has seen a great success and overwhelming response from the users.

Windows 10 is a mobile which is quite compatible with hardware or software you already own. The features are all so upgraded that keep you up-to-date and enable you to be ahead of others. Even the security function is so designed as to provide you with the best of the service. It is a personal device, which is equally productive and effective and efficient in all its programming and functioning along with giving you a cost comparative advantage. It is a phone having features and functioning like a PC, thus enabling to carry your PC in your pocket.

Microsoft always takes care of its end users and thus comes up with features that are equally accessible by a non-technical person as that by a technical person. That is probably the reason, it is the most liked operating system or software. This time Microsoft has brought security gadget for its users, keeping in mind to take care of those who care for you. Now, keeping your phones safe from being misused or being watched by anybody, it has brought the feature of Fingerprint recognition for unlocking. This will help you keep your privacy as well as your data also safe, which has been a major concern while using phones for all official purposes.

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