Front Panel of Microsoft Lumia 1030 Surfaces

by | Nokia Lumia 530 | July 9th, 2015

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There was some rumour that Microsoft is going to unveil a new version of Lumia series smart phones. But looking at the way they were distancing from the Nokia brand recently it did not seem feasible.

However a recent leak indicates the truth to be otherwise. Sources revealed the front panel of the projected Microsoft Lumia 1030 which was a revelation in itself.


One of the devices that made huge impact on the mobile industry was the Nokia Lumia 1020 and it was well appreciated by the users’ circles in UK and many other countries. After Microsoft took over the mobile division of the Philippine based Nokia company all the devices were renamed as Microsoft Lumia. In any case, the Lumia 1020 was a good success in the market.

Nokia Lumia was released back in 2013 when Microsoft had not taken over the mobile division of Nokia. It was expected that something new would follow in the same line and that transpired with the projection of Microsoft Lumia 1030 in the line up. Of course; there has been a lot of changes in the line up after the takeover.

For some times Microsoft did not put emphasis on high end mobile phones and devices as they initially target the mid range and lower range customers providing less expensive ones. Microsoft has many in Lumia line up from the Lumia 535 through the latest 930 and 940X but perhaps the high competitions in the industry has prompted them to try the high end device like Microsoft Lumia 1030.

While Microsoft Lumia 930 and the 940XL are the two high end phones already announced by the US tech giant, there is now proof that they are thinking ahead of them with the 1030 panel in public view. This also means that once highly popular Nokia Lumia 1030 has not gone into oblivion and somewhere in the road map of Microsoft mobile phone revival plan it was already there.

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