How to Link Phone and Messaging Tiles on Your Dual SIM Lumia 950 XL

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | December 7th, 2015

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Lumia 950 XL from the house of Microsoft is an amazingly designed phone with stellar features to watch out for. If you’ve chosen this phone, you surely know that it’s a dual-SIM phone. The feature indicates that you can now add two different SIM cards from any carrier in this single phone with both the SIMs active for phone calls as well as messaging. However, you can only use one for the purpose of data. Compare Pre Order Lumia 950 XL Pay Monthly Cheapest Offers at our Online Windows Phone Store UK.

Dual Sim Tile Settings

Nevertheless, for people in USA, dual SIM phones are still considered an exception. Even though you need not use both the SIMs at once, the operating system, by default, creates two Messaging inbox as well as two Phone tiles to help you manage both SIMs seamlessly. As an alternative, you may even use a unified inbox for messaging and calls for both the phone numbers.

How to Link Messaging Tiles

In case you just one to use a single SIM, you can learn how to link Tiles, remove numbering, and properly clean up your phone’s display.

How Dual Messaging Tiles can be Linked?

Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Open Messaging : Pick any one Messaging tile from the Menu or Start screen. Tap the […] ellipsis at your right corner. From Menu, choose Link Tiles (the third option)
  2. Link : Follow the phone Menu prompt and click tap the Link button. The non-used, second Tile should disappear now. Likewise, you cannot see the superscript ‘1’ and ‘2’ indicating SIMs in the Tile icon. In case you want to add the second SIM, and you prefer separate inbox for messages, you can follow simple steps to Unlink. This action can reverse the merge effect.


Windows 10 Lumia 950 XL is easy to use. It’s a user-friendly phone that will guide through two SIMs effortlessly. You can enjoy smooth function of Lumia 950 XL.

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