How to Update Windows 10 Apps Automatically by Microsoft Windows

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With on-going activity of the insiders, Windows has been actively updating its applications. This time it has come up with new updates without any prior release or notification. This gives us the clue that these updates could be something to fix the earlier bugs rather than offering something new.

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Windows 10 Apps Update

Recently two new updates have been released by Windows. One of the update is for Mail and Calendar app which enables the user to link inboxes. This problem had been felt by some business users and professionals using more than one mail. Now you no more have to jump from one mail to another rather you can get all the mails under one inbox.

Some improvements in the images of emails also can be seen as now the larger images also seem to be aligned and rendered properly. The new version of Wunderlist, the to-do-list app from windows is available only for PCs and the Windows 10 mobile users. If you do not get an update notification for the same, you can manually go to update section and then get the update downloaded from there.

Microsoft Lumia Windows 10 Apps

While using PC, if you are tired of restarting to install the new updates, there comes a solution to it. Follow the simple steps as under:-

  • Go to the Start Button and select Settings
  • Then choose “Update & Security”
  • Choose “Windows Update”
  • Select “Advanced Options”
  • In this, it will ask “Choose how Updates are Installed”
  • In this section, there will be a drop down list having two options-

Schedule a restart –¬†Automatic restart

You can choose the option as per your convenient and desire.

Microsoft, a software pioneer, wants to become a pioneer in mobile industry also through Windows 10 and thus wants to have Windows 10 to become a universal app, for which it is trying hard.

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