Latest Microsoft App to Tell Users If Lumia Is Eligible for Windows 10 Update

by | Microsoft Lumia 640 | February 2nd, 2016

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Lumia users are definitely losing patience with a lot of rumors speculating about the Windows 10 update, which is still not clear or predictable. It’s, however, clear that Microsoft’s latest mobile OS isn’t the same for the upcoming offers, such as Lumia 550 and 950, and that it is to be dissipated as soon as possible throughout the legacy device too. However, what seemed likely last year has been replaced with a shaky promise of an early release in 2016. Perhaps, worst of all is the insurmountable confusion over the exact list of devises eligible for the update. Everybody has a different list with varied devices that doesn’t seem trustworthy. It doesn’t even help the reports already flying in some Cheapest Lumia 640 and Lumia 535 devices, receiving the much anticipated OTA.

Windows 10 Mobile Lumia Upgrade

Luckily, it is predicted that the American giant has finally decided to put an end to this confusion with the latest app developed to support update – the Dubbed Upgrade Adviser. It has been designed to be the one-stop source of Windows 10 update FAQs and a source for all kinds of tips and ways to prepare the device for a new firmware. Most importantly, it can help users get the real picture as to whether their phone is eligible for an update or not. The app is already available in Microsoft Store, but marked Beta, thus not available to all. Hopefully, it is going to change soon.

Meanwhile, there are some already known requirements for getting this update. Firstly, the Lumia should have 8GB storage and 1.5GB free storage for the installation to be effective. The current software version should be 8.10.14219.341 or even higher. In other word, it should have the Lumia Denim update installed. According to latest reports, the initial Windows 10 build that is likely to seed to other legacy devices is numbered 10.0.10586.29.

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