Learn How Great Underwater Photography is Possible with Lumia 950

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | January 6th, 2016

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The flagship Lumia 950 smartphones are extremely efficient multi taskers. To the list of functions they are adept at performing, add underwater photography.

Yes, that’s right. Recently, a National Geographic photographer went underwater to capture images of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. And instead of carrying bulky camera equipment, he decided to dive in with his Lumia 950. And emerged with excellent shots of the rich and vibrant sea life in the depths below the waves. You can do it too.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Underwater

Here’s how- The two most important prerequisites to underwater shooting with Lumia smartphones are:

  1. Being comfortable underwater
  2. A customized bag which waterproofs the smartphone set. The waterproof bag consists of optical Plexiglas for protecting the viewfinder and the lens. This necessary encasement can be crafted by you or purchased.

Once the setup is ready, follow the following tips and get ready for a thrilling underwater photo shoot experience.

How Underwater Lumia Photograph

Tip 1- Close to the Surface Shooting

Water absorbs light in a different manner and changes the spectrum. Up till around 5 meters from the water’s surface, there is abundant light. As you go deeper underwater, light changes and all the red light is filtered out. Also, the amount of light available changes.

However, Lumia 950 is designed to capture great images even at low light regions and will fetch you some amazing shots even if you decide to swim in deeper.

Tip 2- Trusting the Camera

You can safely go completely automatic. Lumia 950 is an intelligent smartphone and adjusts very well to changing light conditions. It manages white balance and exposure and other necessary settings very efficiently.

Tip 3- DNG Mode Shooting

Shooting in the Digital Negative mode allows you control over your pictures post production. It takes up a lot of space, so carry sufficient storage space.

Tip 4- Getting Close to the Subject

To avoid hazy or unclear photos, try to get as close as possible to the subject of your photo shoot as possible without putting yourself in harm’s way or frightening the subject away.

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