Lose Your Weight Now By Microsoft Health Band & Windows 10 Health App

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | March 8th, 2016

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Microsoft has recently updated its health app, to tap into the potential of the online health monitoring industry. Windows phone users can now enjoy features like Cortana integration and integration of a new app known as Lose It. Using the new app, users can now directly upload, some of their achievements and statistics on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft Health App

Microsoft has also integrated a feature like live tile, which keeps track of important information regarding quality of life changes. Best Buy Lumia 950 Deals and Best Buy Lumia 950 XL Offers are available at Lumiabestdeals.co.uk.

As per the new update, you can share your details with your friends, colleagues and family using various online platforms like social media network, email or even the traditional text message. The new app from Microsoft titled Loose It is free for users for a month. The app shall provide you with a customized coach and guidance regarding your plans of losing weight in a systematic manner.

Health App Inside

You can connect your phone with Cortana and once your Microsoft health account is enabled in the Cortana Notebook, you can get directly feed in inputs about steps and calories burnt direct into your account. With the help of the new Microsoft Live Tile, you can pin the Microsoft health tab directly on your home screen and have a live update about your step count; calories consumed and also monitor the battery level of your Microsoft band.

Besides these range of whole new features, Microsoft has also fixed many bugs and minor problem in the update. This particular update is really a praiseworthy effort from Microsoft which has created enough scope for making this app, truly user friendly for health conscious individuals.

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