Microsoft Azure: A New Tool for Researchers to Analyze Rembrandt Paintings

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | August 2nd, 2016

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Microsoft researchers are happy souls. They have the freedom of using financial models and lie detectors along with other resources of the company to demonstrate the technology and its wonders in various aspects of life. Painting, which is considered a human domain, is also included in this genre. With the help of a new cooperative project between Redmond and many Dutch institutions, Microsoft is now resurrecting one of the finest painters of the world, Rembrandt, through the most powerful Microsoft Azure tool.

Microsoft Azure Rembrandt Paintings

Named “The Next Rembrandt”, the main goal of this project is to generate an innovative painting that would closely follow Rembrandt’s creative elements as much a possible. In other words, it would create a painting resembling the work of the artist himself.

This can be achieved by analyzing Rembrandt’s 346 works upscale with the latest machine learning technology that measures 60 points in every painting. It determines features with respect to the artist’s style, colours, eye distance, age, character race, face measurements and much more. Post 18 months of research on Rembrandt, a portrait of a Caucasian make with facial hair, aged about 30 to 40 years, wearing dark coloured clothes with a collar, a hat, and facing towards the right, was created. The portrait got 3D-printed out to an impressive result.

Obviously, great artists cannot be possibly demonstrated in the form of an algorithm. The final result, the painting, it not meant to be one definitive new piece in the portfolio of Rembrandt if he was alive and continued painting; rather, it is a visualization of a certain data in a creative form that looks beautiful. Very soon this approach would be used on multiple disciplines of art for its dynamic features. However, it is up to us to decide whether or not we would be able to accept computer-generated artificial paintings as true art.

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