Microsoft Band 2 GPS Power Saver and Weight Tracker Now Available to Everyone

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | February 11th, 2016

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The new Microsoft Band 2 gives you an opportunity to do what you enjoy doing, and ensures that you do it more often. Running, biking, exercising longer and meeting your health goals with the 2 latest features that have been announced early this week, your fitness goals shall be easier to track.

Microsoft Band 2

GPS Power Saver Mode and the Weight-tracking functionality is now available through Microsoft Health App. These are the two features that can maximize your valuable time as well as resources to make sure you can get where you want, and get exactly more of what you need – data! Your wish is our command!

Microsoft Band Weight Tracking

Extended Battery Life with the GPS Power Saver Mode

It is now possible to extend the overall battery life of the new Microsoft Band for up to 4 hours when you are running or biking using GPS. To turn this goal into a reality, we have enabled an advanced feature that allows your Microsoft Band’s GPS sample the location in intervals, instead of doing it continuously, by simply turning on the GPS Power Saver. When GPS Power Saver is turned on, Microsoft Health can still map the route in the mobile app and even in web dashboard. You can finish with full performance summary and final observations, even for longer rides or runs.

Track Weight with the Microsoft Health App

You can now track changes to your body weight and get current approximation of BMI using the Microsoft Health app’s latest weight-tracking feature. If you wish to see how you are approaching towards your goals, it is possible. Simply enter your body weight regularly into the app and view in one or three months charts; or, you can also see the complete history to-date in your Microsoft Health App.

So, it’s time to just hit the tracks and have fun. Exercise, ride, run and let your Microsoft Band help you to achieve more. You can use it in New Lumia 950 XL and Smart Buy Lumia 950.

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