Microsoft GigJam New Collaboration Windows App Available for All

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | June 27th, 2016

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GigJam is an app from Microsoft which helps in breaking down barriers between devices, apps and people. It is an app which can work on every other device that you own. Whether you use Mac, iPhone or iPad, you need not wait for an invitation to start using it. You can download it from the iOS App Store. It is currently available on Windows, iOS and Mac. For Android and Windows 10, it will be coming soon. Earlier it was available only in Beta form but now its preview version is available to everyone.

Microsoft GigJam

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The mantra of GigJam is “It’s your gig, work the way you want”. GigJam allows you to selectively share portions of documents which you want, whereas in cloud sharing it was not possible. The demo video teaches it all how to select a portion and share it and leave others for comment or editing. In words of Vijay Mittal, General Manager of the Microsoft’s Ambient Computing team, “Show a draft brochure to your designer, but only the text to your copywriter,” this is the crux of the app. It is a breakthrough way to involve others in your business tasks.

Microsoft Windows Gigjam

To use GigJam, collect the information needed, circle it or cross it to divvy up and tap on the people you want to invite to post comment or discuss with. Since the app shares the information in the spirit of screen sharing or casting, the recipient gets only the UI the sender wanted to. Hence the overall process logic and security of the business are honoured.

GigJam has particularly come up for the new generation of workforce which is more connected and social than before. With this, your business can have a dramatic transformation where people work with colleagues as well as customers.

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