Microsoft is All Set to Release the New Lumia Smartphones

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | February 1st, 2016

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Microsoft has announced the expected date of its final Lumia smartphone launch at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. But is this a signal of the end of Lumia legacy and the start of the much rumoured Surface Phone?

It seems that Microsoft could drop the Lumia signature from the range of smartphones.

Microsoft Lumia Smartphones

This US technology based firm is now expected to get over the Lumia brand name and range following the launch of its Lumia 650 sometime in the next month at MWC, according to the Windows Central. However, it doesn’t seem like Lumia, the brand name, can leave the market with a bang.

Microsoft Lumia 650 is a midrange, business-oriented smartphone with 5-inch 720p display, 8GB internal storage, 1GB RAM, and 8MP rear camera with LED flash.

According to Windows Central report, this Windows 10 Mobile supports expandable storage through MicroSD but there’s no wireless charging feature.

It is rumoured that Microsoft was quietly developing its two flagship smartphones for this year – Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 – but it seems these smartphones have been scrapped.

Instead, if industry sources are to be believed, the Redmond firm has some green-lit plans to a fresh Intel-powered Surface Phone that may arrive with the next blockbuster Windows 10 update.

Surface Phone is likely to be the new flagship device with an excellent industrial design just like the Surface Pro 4 tablet.

Microsoft unveiled the first in-house Surface Book in October 2015. The entire team behind these expensive and sleek looking devices are now believed to be the minds behind developing a new Microsoft smartphone.

The much awaited Surface Phone may hit shelves worldwide in, mid-2016, which is also likely to coincide with the second big update to Windows 10. Just like the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 tablet launched before, the upcoming Surface smartphone is also expected to come packed with all flagship materials and premium price tag.

With the end of Lumia, as a brand, comes the signal to a new start for a range of Windows smartphones that failed to hold market share as high as Android and Apple. Cheapest Lumia 640 Deals and Lumia 950 Best Deals are available at our Online Store at

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