Microsoft is Currently Working on Creation of a Rival for Galaxy S6 Edge

by | Nokia Lumia 830 | June 14th, 2015

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After Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge took the business of the mobile company to the top, Microsoft is looking forward to revive its past supremacy that it achieved with the marketing of Windows Phone during the first decade of the millennium.

To reach the top they need to find out something that would be equally if not more desirable for the users all over the world and that means the mobile smart phone they would market has to be something as good as Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 if not better.

Galaxy S6 Edge

Of course the success of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was rather unexpected and Microsoft is planning to surprise mobile users with something that would inspire them to choose their alternative instead of the premier smart phones of the industry.

The first step in this regard is getting into place a curved screen smart phone. A recent picture posted on the web indicates that the new Microsoft could be like Lumia panel having curved edges similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge. The message “” can be seen at the bottom of the Windows logo on the phone in its picture display. The design could be an instance of brand spanking.

The new phone is supposed to be a product from the mobile division of Nokia that has already been taken over by Microsoft. The question however that remains to be resolved is how is Microsoft going to use the new acquisition to its advantage and whether just following the designs of the successful brands could help.

Curves used in the Galaxy S6 Edge do not have much to do with functionalities but they are certainly stood out features in the mobile market. Microsoft is also planning launching the mobile version of Windows 10 and on the launching day they wanted to mark the occasion with new flagship smart phone for mobile users.

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