Microsoft Lumia 435 – Now Available At £29.99 on Microsoft Store UK

by | Microsoft Lumia 435 | December 6th, 2015

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Microsoft Lumia 435 was launched in January 2015 and is regarded as one of the cheapest phones featuring the Lumia brand. The phone runs on 8.1 Windows version but is capable for a windows 10 upgrade. Compare Pay Monthly Microsoft Lumia 435 Deals at our Lumia Store UK.

Microsoft Lumia 435 Pay Monthly

Microsoft Lumia 435 is similar to Lumia 530 in specification and is widely regarded as one of the pioneer models in the 4xx series which is a low end smartphone range, meant for the budget conscious customers from the developing countries.

The phone features a 4 inch display and runs on a snapdragon 200 processor. The phone has a 800 X 480 display resolution and a very basic 2 MP camera. The size of this mobile is very small measuring just 64.7 X 118.1 mm in dimensions and it fits very easily on the palm. The phone comes in matte as well as in bright multi-colour variations and is available in both single and dual sim format. Read Full Lumia 435 Review Here!

Microsoft Lumia 435 was priced around £59 in January and has seen a further price drop and is now available at Microsoft Store UK for just £29.99 on O2 Pay as you Go, making it one of the cheapest phones available from a top brand.

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