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The battle between Windows and Android phones has been pretty one sided so far, with android surging pretty surging ahead of Lumia phones, both in terms of price and functionality. In spite of having great design, camera and battery backup, Microsoft Lumia Phones have always trailed behind mainly owing to poor processor speed and price tag.

This festive season Lumia has made a very good attempt to re-capture mid-section market by launching Microsoft Lumia 550. The phone is expected to release in the Asia Pacific market by the end of 2015 and in the European market during the first half of 2016.

Cheapest Lumia 550

The phone comes with the power of Windows 10, which is the latest operating system from Microsoft and offers smooth 4G LTE connectivity, along with the all new Microsoft Edge browser. The all new Windows 10 update provides the phone with Cortana personal assistant, Microsoft Office and OneDrive, which would provide users with diverse multitasking opportunities.

Unlike most flagship phones from premium companies, the phone has a much smaller display measuring only 4.7 inch. The small screen size no way hampers the display resolution and the screen has a crisp 315 ppi which is pretty good considering the price tag.

The new Lumia 550 runs on a quad core 1.1 Ghz quad core processor and is supported by 1 GB Ram, which is enough for smoothly executing all regular tasks. The phone has 8 GB of built in storage and has an expandable storage capacity up to 200GB.

The only negative part of the phone is the 5 MP rear facing camera, which has all the basic function and captures pretty decent pictures. The front facing selfie camera is 2MP, which is not too bad either. The best part of the phone is the price tag. In UK the price of the phone is expected to be around £100, which is remarkably cheap considering the features offered.

Lumia 550 is undoubtedly a very good phone and there are sufficient reasons to believe that it would be a big success among the budget conscious customers once it becomes available.

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