Microsoft Lumia Series offers Smart Phones for Different Levels

by | Nokia Lumia 530 | July 10th, 2015

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After taking over the mobile division of Philippine based Nokia Company, Microsoft renamed the Nokia Lumia series as the Microsoft Lumia without diluting much of its technologies. Of course; Microsoft introduced a few indigenous apps in these handsets.

Microsoft Lumia

Good thing about Microsoft Lumia is that the series offers different handsets for different levels of buyers. For instance; those looking for entry level budget smart phones can bank on Microsoft Lumia 530. With a decent screen and excellent performance it could be considered as one of the best entry level handset in Windows Phone series. Super cheap handset with large screen is the favorite of many medium and small income group users.

Taking over of Nokia and introducing the Lumia series as their own was Microsoft’s step for redeeming the sagging market of Windows Phone 8 that was introduced in 2012. In order to prevent further downslide they introduced Windows version 8.1. The company has also decided to introduce Windows 10 for smart phones and rename all Windows Phone as Windows 10 mobile in future.

A good induction by Microsoft in the Lumia series is the Microsoft Nokia Lumia 930 with larger screen and expanded storage capacity. The display of 1080 pixels is most impressive as is also the 20MP camera. Basically the smart phone is a complete package that is stylish and powerful.

With 7.1 x 10 x13 cm dimension; the Microsoft Nokia Lumia 1020 has the highest spec camera among all the devices in that range. An impressive 41MP pure view camera is the highlight. It has Xenon flash and takes superb snaps even in low light. Add to this the whole day battery life, and the smart phone would look more desirable to the buyers.

Latest entry in the series is the Microsoft Nokia Lumia 1520 that is real big with 6 inch display. The screen is full HD 1080p and is ideal gadget for the mobile media enthusiasts.

It is on the buyer as to which one he or she is going to have depending on requirements and budget.

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