Microsoft News: ISVs Now Post Windows 10 Compatible Apps

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | July 13th, 2016

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To help the ISVs advertise their applications as Windows 10 compatible, Microsoft has launched a new website. The new Ready for Windows site helps the Independent Software Vendors to broadcast their applications as compatible with Windows 10. Windows 10 is compatible with classic Win 32 Applications and modern Windows Universal Apps.

Apps Windows 10

This new site has a full directory of the specific software companies listed in the drop-down list in which 134 ISVs and their Window 10 Compatible Apps have been listed.

Apart from this, now the Microsoft Edge and Internet explorer are also available for use with Windows 10. Thus there have been some changes in Microsoft’s Edge Policies as configuring the password manager, Enterprise Mode Site List allows IT pros to specify the best browser to use) and Pop-Up Blocker. Microsoft is also planning to add more Edge capabilities with Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” release expected to arrive soon.

Windows 10 Universal Apps

For the Windows Insiders, Microsoft has also launched a new Windows 10 test preview. This is particularly for the “fast ring”, which means they are less stable in build and are not production environment ready. The important feature of this release is the ability to test native Docker integration on Windows 10. As per Dona Sarkar (recently appointed for Windows Insider program announcements), along with this preview Microsoft has also enabled a last pass password management in Microsoft Edge.

Thus, we see that Microsoft is making constant efforts to get a hold in the market through its Windows 10. It has been a software pioneer but had lost in mobile industry through its unsuccessful attempt as Lumia. But through Windows 10, which is constantly being upgraded for user’s ease and comfort, we can hope Microsoft will achieve its lost position and will continue to be the epitome in software industry.

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