Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 Still Ranks As One Of The Best Smart Phones in UK Market

by | Nokia Lumia 530 | August 24th, 2015

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Microsoft has been coming up with new smart phones at regular intervals but some of the older smart phones marketed by them with Nokia touch still ranks among the best so far manufactured by them. One such phone is the Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 that is still very popular with the users in UK. Best Buy Nokia Lumia 530 Deals are available.

Nokia Lumia 530

The handset came out last year and is there for a year now but this has not affected adversely its popularity. While the company has already announced arrival of Microsoft Lumia 940 and 940 XL that are going to be their flagship later this year, the users still have faith for the old and trusted Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530.

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 was brought to the market replacing its predecessor Microsoft Nokia Lumia 520. At the first sight many were not impressed as it looked inferior to its predecessor. But after starting the use the users gradually realized that it was a much better handset to be handled and the popularity took an upward curve in the market.

Things that worked in favor of the Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 were the excellent display it offered for the users, and that it had one of the best build qualities for smart phones. Performance was excellent too and the smart phone had much more storage capability in comparison to its predecessor. The camera capability matched the 520 model but the greatest advantage was the price cut that made it one of the most affordable smart phones around. Naturally it was favored by the small and medium income group buyers.

In the volatile mobile phone industry the expectations were still greater on part of the experts and uses alike. But the Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 was able to fulfill greater part of the expectation and still continues to be one of the best smart phones around in UK in the given price range.

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