Microsoft Surface Phone is Likely to be Released Next Year

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | December 8th, 2015

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If rumors are to be believed, Microsoft has been discreetly working on the latest “Surface Phone” headed by the new Devices In-charge Panos Panay, as per Windows Central exhaustive report. Microsoft are currently Promoting Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL as their Flagship Phones.

Microsoft Surface Phone Leaked

According to reports, Panay is not very happy with the flagship line of Microsoft, Lumia, and was always looking for a change. However, it’s only now that the head of this line has earned a promotion that makes him in-charge of Microsoft devices, not only Surface brands, there are other plans in the pipeline.

The new discovery is likely to be referred to as an innovative ‘Panay Phone’.

Intel Inside Surface Phone – What’s the idea?

It is still too early to talk about different technologies being explored for this new phone, but it has been revealed that this innovative device can have Intel chips instead of Qualcomm.

Surface Phone Features

Now, there’s a lot of speculation as to how the new Microsoft phone can run on x86 architecture software from Intel, which means the phone may have many things similar to laptops and desktops than a regular smartphone.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the only maddening issues – Microsoft touts the “Continuum” function as one of the best means of turning an otherwise simple smartphone into a completely desktop-style device to give you an enhanced experienced. It seems that Microsoft aims to take a big leap to the most innovative world of technology with complete software compatibility.

Surface Phone is an idea that tries to carve out another category of intelligent devices that would serve the purpose of a mobile phone as well as a desktop device. It can possibly provide a key differentiation from other competitors of Microsoft, such as Apple and Android.

In fact, it is predicted that the new business phone by Microsoft, the Surface Phone, can be the much required kick for the company to hold its market. Till Now compare The Best Lumia 950 Offers Online at

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