Microsoft to Integrate All Windows Devices into a Common Gaming Platform

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | March 21st, 2016

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Mobile phone gaming has turn out to be the single biggest grosser of revenue in the mobile apps market. Unlike iOS and Android, Windows phones have lagged behind significantly in this area, in spite of Microsoft performing pretty well in various other sectors like PC Windows or the Xbox. Windows 10 Smartphone Lumia 950 Cheapest Offers are available at Lumia Online Store UK.

Microsoft Game Studio

Mike Ybarra, Microsoft’s gaming head has recently revealed that they are planning to make inroads in the worlds of mobile gaming with their Windows platform. It’s a well-known fact that there is many more Windows device than Android or Apple devices worldwide. Microsoft is planning to create a universal Windows Platform which would allow users to play their favorite games across all platforms.

According to Mike, the focus is not only to push the market for Windows phones. He in fact plans to expand the overall horizon of Microsoft backed games to other platforms like Android and iOS so that gamers can access their games where ever they wish.

These are definitely pretty welcome moves by Mr Ybarra; however, we personally feel that Microsoft can further enhance their chances of making the cut in the world of mobile games by allowing game streaming to the Xbox app on Windows 10 mobile. They can also use Continuum for game streaming which would eventually allow users to plug their phone to the TV and enjoy a gaming experience.

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