Microsoft To Turnaround Their Smartphone Revenues Switching To Enterprise Level

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | April 20th, 2016

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If you consider the statistics of windows mobile it is something that offers Lumia handset makers a reason to rejoice. Currently Microsoft holds only 2.45% share of the world’s smart phone market. Even after such dismal sales figures, the company has not totally given up on their Windows handset. Instead Microsoft is more likely to shift their focus on phone having 9-30 inch display.

Microsoft Enterprise Level Solutions

Slowly the Microsoft app store is increasing their prominence and now you can download a lot many apps like Uber and New York Times is now available there. However it would be wrong to assume that Microsoft is targeting the average users with their new range of offers and updates.

Microsoft has always lead more emphasis on enterprise level phones. It already makes a lot of money by selling services like Azure to different companies. It has already rolled out a free update to Windows 10 and they know that once they are successful in penetrating the enterprise sector their revenue would be the last thing to worry about.

However one problem that has remained constant is that people nowadays prefer their smart phones as official devices, rather than carrying their laptop everywhere. One main problem in this direction lies in the fact that while Samsung and Apple has all the features required by an user, Microsoft still needs a lot of upgrading to be done.

Features like continuum where a user is offered the facilities of a desktop right on the mobile may actually prove to be very appealing and useful for business users. It is something which is exclusively available in Lumia handsets which can give it a significant edge over Apple or Samsung handsets.

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Microsoft can actually change the game in a big way by focusing more on software services, that is cheap, easy to manage and all features of a windows phone embedded into it.

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