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by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | June 8th, 2016

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This is a widely known fact now that Microsoft has not performed well in the mobile industry. With the not so successful Lumia phones, it has given up its share of success to rival companies like Samsung. Though Microsoft has done a lot to get through by continuously improving its feature and apps, yet it has been unable to taste success. However, still the winning spirit exists!

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Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft has not given it up on mobiles; rather it has stopped competing with app-centric ecosystems like Android and iOS. Microsoft has done a lot to get back in the game by paying heavily to app developers who were practically not successful in writing good apps. It has even tried to make it easy for users to port iOS and Android apps to Windows, but all in vain.

But still Microsoft is putting fingers crossed for Windows 10 mobile and still remains in the game with its commitment. Hence, we can say that Microsoft has not yet walked away from mobiles. For being in the game, this time, it is betting upon its three new offerings- Continuum, Universal Windows Platform and Bot Framework.

Windows 10 Lumia 950 UK

Continuum – It is a full desktop experience which allows you to connect anywhere using your phone. It’s safe, secure and convenient and thus leads the way.

Universal Windows Platform – This is an app that follows you from device to device thereby enabling you to write and deploy across multiple devices, remembering your settings and personalizing your experience.

Bot Framework – It allows to interact with your users wherever they are. It is a new app that can replace other apps down the line.

Thus Microsoft, the software pioneer, is still in the game and no one knows if someday it becomes pioneer in mobile industry too.

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