Microsoft Windows Health App Updated: Get The Best For Your Health

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | June 28th, 2016

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According to a survey conducted, the earlier Health App of Microsoft was not able to win the users hearts due to some limitations and bugs. Hence insiders have worked for it and have brought up an improved app with previous bugs fixed along with some additional features. The problems were related to Bluetooth connection for Microsoft Band, Android Battery drain, inability to choose specific workout in exercise tile, Live Tile Transparency and others.

Health App Update by Microsoft Windows Microsoft Health App Update

The new update to Health App comes with new Band firmware. The major feature is Hear Rate Zone and Cortana for Android users. Cortana helps you access your personal assistant. The new update fixes the earlier problem of sharing activities. It allows the band owners to share any band recorded activity with public through their mobile app. More new explore tiles are also added to it. The Health App encourages you to be fit and focus on your health through social challenges and leader board options. You can create your group and keep a track of your activity and the position you are standing at in the group for the same activity.

This new update is available for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Desktop and Android. For iOS, it will be available a bit later than others. These updates will be downloaded automatically in your phone, unless you turned off automatic updates.

Though there have been a few changes in the new app, the users need not be much happy with it as most of them are the previous ones with their bugs fixed. Microsoft’s Health App though has been liked by its users, but is still to lead the clutter of other similar apps in the market; it needs to be modified more. Still more is expected out of Microsoft.

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