Microsoft Windows Monument Valley Ustwo has Proved to be a Milching Cow

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | June 2nd, 2016

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Developer Ustwo must not have thought of the rapid and huge success of the game while developing it. Today, within just two years of its inception, the game has got over $14.4 million revenue, that too has nearly 80% free downloads. And to utter surprise is the fact that the expense of developing it was only $1.4 million. Thus, we see that a profit of more than 10% in first two years only has been achieved.

Monument Valley Ustwo Games

The game was downloaded more in the 2nd year than in 1st year as per the figures. Its download in 1st year was only 3.16 million of the total 21 million downloads done so far. This account to nearly 88% downloads in the year two. The operating system like iOS and Android like Amazon offered the game for free for a couple of weeks which account to nearly 14 million downloads altogether.

To launch the game in China, Ustwo tied up with iDreamsky in last June and so far it has been downloaded for about 11.8 million times. This move has proved to be a feather in the cap of success for Monument Valley. Today it has topped the charts by bagging no.5 in iTunes Charts Ranking and no.8 in most popular app on Google Play. These include only the paid apps.

Wong says that the developers should be true to their games in order to succeed in this world of free games available all over. And with this thought only he worked and achieved a great success. Apart from the free downloads, when we talk about paid ones, major contribution is from iTunes App Store with around 73% of the total revenue generated. On the other hand, Google Play account for around 17% of revenue only. The game costs $3.99 on these apps.

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