Microsoft Would Control the Updates but Not Carriers for Windows 10 Mobile

by | Microsoft Lumia 435 | November 1st, 2015

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Windows 10 mobiles are getting more and more popular. In fact, the market for Microsoft Lumia phones and others using their latest Windows 10 operating system has been improving consistently with the passage of time.

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While the Windows 10 covers more than half of the content available in Microsoft app store it does not mean that Microsoft can seat idle expecting that such features of Windows 10 alone would boost their market. There is always a requirement for updates for any operating system or software; and Windows 10 is no exception to this common rule. Most of the Lumia phones like Lumia 435 and above are going to get the Windows 10 update in the coming days.

Microsoft has recently announced that they would have control over the release-time of mobile updates for Windows 10 operating system in UK and across the world. However they also clarified that they are not going to control which carrier would provide the updates in those countries where the operating system updates for the mobile devices are solely dependent on the service providers.

That means, Microsoft will control only the rolling out of updates for mobile devices. In that case the service providers or carriers won’t have any say. They would however to collaborate with different Windows insiders as well as the mobile operators around seeking feedback on providing new updates for their Windows Phone users.

Microsoft has already provided Windows 10 operating system for mobiles. Some flagship phones like Best Buy Lumia 950 and 950 XL are pre loaded with the operating system whereas popular phones like Best Buy Lumia 640 and 640 XL have upgraded or can upgrade to Windows 10 from the existing Windows 8.1 operating system. All of them also require timely updates while using the operating system that would be provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft has assured updates to all but they have also stated categorically that unlike some other mobile phone companies, they would not bypass the carriers for offering such updates on the devices of Windows 10 users.

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