Microsoft’s Futuristic HoloLens Sale Begins Pre Order

by | Microsoft Lumia 650 | March 7th, 2016

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Microsoft’s’ most awaited augmented reality hardware, Hololens is now open for pre order. The gear is expected to reach customer’s hands within a span of one month from now on i.e. by March 30th.

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Hololens By Microsoft

Hololens made its maiden appearance last year in the month of January along with Windows 10. The products are expected to be powered by Intel 32 bit processor and are priced around $3000. Hololens is expected to come loaded with features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Holographic Processing Unit (HPU), 64GB of flash storage and 2GB of RAM.

Pre Order Hololens Microsoft

Currently the device is only available for developers with a special invitation from Microsoft are able to buy this product. Users of Hololens are expected to have a PC running Windows 10 operating system and Visual studio 2015 and Unity 5.4.

The developers of Hololens have made it independent of any tethering smartphone or computer, which is required for the functioning of other virtual reality platform like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Hololens comes fitted with multiple sensors that can detect surrounding environment and overlays holographs onto it, which would make it easy for the wearers to play video games inside their room freely.

Users can also use Hololens to create their own hologram inside the company’s HoloStudio and later 3D print the finished product. The Hololens Kit would also come packed with a clicker accessory, which would help players to navigate between different menus and options. It can also be doubled up as a handy carry case for the lens.

Developing architects behind Hololens at Microsoft claim that Hololens can understand and recognize, gesture, voice and gaze commands which in turn can allow customers to communicate with apps using just voice control, shape holograms with gestures and navigate from one menu to another with just a glance.

As per reports, the headset is expected to last for almost 3 hours with a single charge. As of now Hololens still remains a developer’s product, but with the amount of investment that the company has made, it is quite evident that Microsoft aims to make Hololens a successful commercial product in the near future.

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