Nokia Lumia 625 is One of the Best Low End Smart Phones in UK

by | Microsoft Lumia 635 | August 31st, 2015

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Several smart phones have been marketed by Microsoft and Nokia first by the name of Nokia Lumia and thereafter as Microsoft Nokia Lumia and finally as Microsoft Lumia in the UK market. Some of them are expensive while a few others are in the budget category. Nokia Lumia 625 comes in the second category. Best part of it is that it is the budget 4G smart phone that especially the middle and low income people find to their liking. Currently This phone is out of stock so you can check it out Lumia 635 Best Deals.

That is the major reason why even after nearly 2 years of release, the smart phone is still very popular in UK market. The Nokia Lumia 625 is colourful 4G smart phone that runs on efficient Windows 8 operating system. That is why it is particularly popular among the younger generation of students that are usually on budget but also likes to have a host of features in the smart phone.

Nokia Lumia 625 is big, bright as well as colourful windows phone. This becomes a great buy when the buyer takes into consideration the 4G capability of the smart phone. It has a strong build and like all other Nokia handsets boasts of efficient hardware profile. Though it has limited internal storage the same is adequate for average users and the camera is also passable.

Nokia Lumia 625

Screen size of Nokia Lumia 625 is larger in comparison to its predecessor, the Nokia Lumia 620. Though screen resolution of both the handsets is the same at 480 x 800 pixels the 4.7 inches larger screen of Nokia Lumia 625 gives much better display.

As already stated; the low price is the main advantage of using the Nokia Lumia 625 and the technical specifications are quite adequate compared to its low price. The 1.2 GHz Qualcom Snapdragon and S5 dual core processor is quite efficient. Though lower is comparison the secondary storage of 512 RAN is also adequate for the average users.

Nokia Lumia 625 thus stands out as one of the best budget smart phones in UK market.

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