Nokia Lumia 830 – The Most Colourful Handset from Leading Mobile Company

by | Nokia Lumia 830 | May 5th, 2015

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After coming under the umbrella of Microsoft in 2014, Nokia came up with one of the most colourful handsets in the form of Nokia Lumia 830.

Nokia Lumia 830


Microsoft took over the leading mobile company Nokia in 2014. Immediately after the takeover, Nokia announced one of the most colourful handsets; the Lumia 830. Great camera and superb screen in an affordable phone was the gift of the company.

Lumia 830 Design

Lumia 830 is around 8.5mm thick and has squared edges. The phone is reasonably light-weight in comparison to its size weighing 150g. The 720p resolution makes the images and texts look crisp as well as vibrant. However, colour choice for this phone is limited to orange, green, and black.

Processor and Storage

Nokia Lumia 830 has quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor of 1.2GHz and 1GB RAM. It has entry level storage space of 16 GB that can be enhanced up to 128GB using external Micro SD card.

Lumia 830 Features

Camera in the phone is very high quality and better than most other phone models in the price range. Dynamic flash function helps switching the flash on or off after the picture is taken. User can get the best image balancing between the one taken with flash and without it.

Latest Windows Phone Update

Windows Phone 8.1 has boosted the camera, thus making it faster. Also the new hands-free feature helps activate voice assistant with a simple call; hey Cortana.


Lumia 830 is till date the best in the family of affordable Lumia phones. The smart phone can replicate the best camera and the Windows Phone operating system and has many user-friendly features. Introduction of Lumia Denim has rendered the phone better, faster, as well as stronger. Nokia Lumia 830 is already gaining high popularity amongst users.

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