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by | Nokia Lumia 735 | November 21st, 2015

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When it comes to affordable smart phones, Microsoft is certainly one of the leaders. The Microsoft Lumia 735 is one of the best choices for mid-range buyers. Despite its low price, the quality is not inferior. The phone also stands out as one of the top Windows Phone in the crowd of Android phones, which have caught the attention of young generation and business community alike. Click Here to Compare Nokia Lumia 735 Deals at our Online Lumia Store UK.


Microsoft Lumia 735 comes in a package that contains microUSB cable, wall charger, product and safety information, and quick start guide, among others. The phone comes with compact and stylish design though the style is typical of Lumia family phones. In this regard, Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL are different as they have taken a completely new look deviating from traditional Lumia styles. However Microsoft Lumia 735 follows the usual pattern.

The Microsoft Lumia 735 comes with an assortment of bright colours. It resembles with some of the high end Lumia phones of the past. The structure is primarily plastic built, but the matte finish gives a pleasant feeling while gripping the handset. A novel feature is the uniformly flush top and bottom that allows the phone to stand upright. Another good feature of the phone is that the plastic casing is exchangeable. The handset is compact and convenient using one handed.

Another feature that makes the Microsoft Lumia 735 stand out in the crowd is the facility for wireless charging even at the price level at which it is available. It also offers memory expansion facilities using the microSD card.

The phone has standard display features with 4.7 inch and 720×1280 pixels resolution screen but the OLED display is something that would be appreciated by the users. With true to life black colours, wide spread viewing angles and colour punches, the smart phone offers a lot as the display is even more attractive than the flagship smart phone Microsoft Lumia 640.

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