Redstone Build 14342 – Milestone from Microsoft after Windows 10

by | Microsoft Lumia 550 | May 27th, 2016

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Microsoft being a giant in the software industry takes care of its users and thus always tries to bring more and more facilitate software and functions for them. Windows 10 is the latest version encompassing all the features like easier and familiar accessibility, fun-to-do gaming, something beyond browsing, quicker ways for business functions or management information systems through Cortana and many more.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone

Windows has yet again come up with user friendly approach through its Insider Program. Insider is any person who joins Windows and participates in its functioning and making it even better. With this one feature, it becomes more liked by the users as they get to check and use any program as per their needs and requirement.

This time Microsoft has launched Windows Redstone Build 14342 program which enables the user to get the following facilities and functions:

  • Navigation with swipe (To navigate backward and forward with a swipe)
  • Websites with apps (Soon the users will be able to open the favorite sites in apps, as desired)
  • Categorized feedback Hub (More of the categories and sub categories added to the feedback hub depending upon the title entered)
  • Easy download of language and speech packs
  • Easy typing in non-English languages
  • Windows Store – one place for all your favorites
  • Too secured to get corrupt or misused (The Hello feature enables only you to unlock your phone)

Windows has brought all these features in its Redstone Build 14342. This is a better, cleaner and neater version of Windows 10 with all the shortcomings met thereby improving usability. It is a complete batch of new features with more convenience to the users.

Currently the new Microsoft Redstone is available to the developers or insiders in the Fast ring. It is yet not known, when it will be available to all the users. All you need is to keep a check on this.

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