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by | Microsoft Lumia 535 | October 18th, 2015

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When it comes to choosing the best budget smart phone in the UK market, the Microsoft Lumia 535 could be the leading contender. For a price below £100 the handset has some great features that gives the buyer far greater values than the price paid for.

Best Buy Lumia 535 Cheapest Lumia Phone

Take for instance the 5 inch display screen, the 5 megapixel front facing camera, and excellent battery life; three features that make the phone that makes it a prime target for budge buyers in UK market. While the phone is cheap the design is colourful and vibrant and it replaces the Microsoft Lumia 435 as the entry level smart phone introduced by the American Company.

Microsoft Lumia 535 is available in multiple colours. Most people prefer the black coloured model as it looks great but there are also orange, grey, green, white and blue models in the series and all of them have glossy plastic finish. At the same time the user can switch colours as the back cover is changeable.

One of the plus points for the Microsoft Lumia 535 is that it is big for an entry level smart phone with a large 5 inch display screen. The size makes it excellent for watching multimedia contents and it has enough memory for enabling users to watch streaming videos online. In addition; the phone is also fairly slim for a budget phone.

Microsoft Lumia 535 runs on the Windows 8.1 operating system with Cortana the personal virtual assistant for the users. It can easily take care of voice commands, texts, and can respond in kind as well. The operating system is the updated 8.1 version of Lumia Denim. Good thing about the Microsoft Lumia 535 is that its large 5 inch screen is suitable enough for the displaying of Lumia Denim contents and its 3-column home screen.

Getting access to around 375,000 apps from the Windows Phone store is the bonus for Microsoft Lumia 535 users. Compare Lumia 535 Best Deals at our Online Lumia Phones Store UK.

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