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by | Microsoft Lumia 435 | November 17th, 2015

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Microsoft has always been a leading market player, when it comes to providing cheap phones for customers. Their entry level smart phones like Best Buy Lumia 435 and Best Buy Lumia 535 and even the newer Microsoft Lumia 550 have been cheaper in comparison to many others in the industry offering the same features.

Microsoft Nokia 130

But this one is amazing as far as price is concerned. Customers who are price conscious and not much interested in internet browsing have Nokia 130 as a choice. Those looking for a cheap phone for daily work can choose Nokia 130 that comes in the price range of only £15-16 in the UK market. Microsoft has announced a low cost mobile phone that lacks a data connection, meaning it cannot offer any of the firm’s internet services.

It belies the rumour that Microsoft aims to concentrate on high end phones rather than cheaper ones and they would kill several members of their cheap handset families. But an announcement made by them reveals that they are still committed to their basic ranges.

According to J. Harlow, the head of the phone business for Microsoft the sector of buyers looking for cheaper phones is massive and Microsoft cannot ignore such massive customer base that they have been dominating till now. Harlow revealed this approach of Microsoft in an interview with BBC.

Nokia 130 is just a phone and does not have the advanced features of the smart phones. It cannot utilize internet connectivity. But for people looking for a cheap and efficient handset for their daily usage including calls and SMS, this is certainly one of the best to ever hit the market.

The target of Microsoft in respect of Nokia 130 is low end buyers, especially the low wage earners in the market that is emerging. The low price would inspire these vast contingents of buyers to go for Nokia 130 that has all the features of any regular mobile phone.

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