Surface Phone Could Be Microsoft Windows 10 Next Offer

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | June 5th, 2016

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Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has always been keen on productivity and marks it as Microsoft’s key strength. He believes in keeping Microsoft ahead in personal computing. With this view, Microsoft is all set to bring out something new and taking smart phones far from being phones only and converting them to PCs.

Microsoft Surface Smartphone Concept

Since the launch of Windows 10, the company has been searching for the best smart phone for pushing it. Now, it has come to bring out an ideal phone which is being called as Surface Phone, if the name remains the same. It is expected to come out with three versions i.e. Consumers, business, presume. All three are assumed to have different sizes as the consumer one can have a display of around 5.7 inches while the Business class version should have a bigger display. The model is expected to have a kickstand (stand on its own), as with Surface Tablet and may have a Stylus too, at least for the business class.

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It has come after the success of Surface Tablet which has performed well for Microsoft due to its strong and solid build. The same team has been working on Surface Phone too so as to relive the experience of maximum customer satisfaction. Microsoft is working to launch it with a perfect OS and will stick to Windows 10 and top-tier Lumia phones, as speculated by

The onset is expected to be around April, 2017, as said by Windows Central. But others like Mobile Choice speculate it to come around September, 2017. The phone is also speculated to come in the high-end and super-premium costs owing to its super quality build and specs. This gives the reason to customers to expect the phone to be most secure and productive.

Microsoft is planning to launch a Redstone 2 update with new hardware in early 2017, as reported by Windows Central, though the rumours are in air for Redstone 3 also.

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