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If you are exhausted by facing problems in chatting and keeping your data safe and private, Microsoft has brought solution to you. You can use the newly launched app of Microsoft- Telegram. Telegram is yet another chat app available on every platform and both for mobiles and desktops.

Telegram Messenger on Windows App Store

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Telegram App on Microsoft Windows App Store

  • Connect with around 5000 people worldwide, even at remote locations.
  • Sync all your chats across all devices as mobiles, desktops or laptops.
  • You can easily send any file or data of any size.
  • Your personal messages are encrypted and you are also allowed to destruct your messages on your own, using a timer.
  • Easy storage through cloud, which can be accessed on any other device too.
  • You can build your own tools for your convenience.

Telegram is a faster service than any other app of this kind. Once downloaded it makes you feel connected with the people around with no hazard and no fear related to security of your messages as they are highly encrypted. Moreover, the messages you do not want to keep, you yourself can destroy. It is a forever free service.

Microsoft Telegram App
Microsoft Telegram App

The best feature of Telegram could be attributed to editing the messages even after two days of sending them. You can find your friends faster through the New People List in search. You can select people from the list, even if they do not have any username just by typing @. The other best feature could be the facility of opening it on any device like phone or desktop and keep in touch with our data and chat stuff through cloud. It has come up with several improvements like options to find inline bot shortcuts.

If you want to have a chat platform with full security and facility to be in touch anywhere, anytime you should go for Telegram. You can download it on Windows operating desktops and Windows Phone devices.

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