The Lumia 830 Reaches the End of Its Road

by | Nokia Lumia 830 | August 18th, 2015

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Microsoft’s Lumia range of Windows based smartphones was initially under Nokia, before the takeover by the software giants took place. A different strategy was in place altogether back then. Once the takeover was complete, the two companies worked in tandem, which allowed Microsoft the time required to formulate new strategies for the Lumia line of products.

Nokia Lumia 830

As it turns out, Microsoft’s aspirations seem to be quite different from those of Nokia, and some of the previous editions of the popular phone range are slated to be wiped off soon. One of the notable future absentees from the Lumia range in the Microsoft era will be the Lumia 830. Launched in September 2014 as a budget flagship product, the Microsoft Lumia 830 faces itself in a race against time according to reports.

The Microsoft Lumia 830 is pretty meaty in terms of performance. The 1 GB RAM along with a Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor makes for responsive phone performance, even while running resource intensive programs or multi-tasking. The metal frame along with the protective screen glass makes for a phone that has both style and substance in abundance. The 10 MP camera too, is pretty good, and is capable of capturing great detail. Overall, the Lumia 830 is one of the best budget performers from the Microsoft stable.

Unfortunately, it seems that the days of the Microsoft Lumia 830 are nearing their conclusion. The last phone to bear the iconic Nokia logo is going to be replaced by either the Lumia 735 or the Lumia 730, which are much cheaper variants. Comparisons have shown that in terms of both performance and features, both the 735 and 730 variants are nowhere near the standards set by the 830.

It seems that it will be a matter of mere days before the Microsoft Lumia 830 will be brought off the shelves. At present we don’t have the offers on this premier handset, but you check out the Lumia 930 Pay Monthly and Lumia 640 Pay Monthly offers.

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