TripAdvisor for Windows 10 can Help you Plan your Next Holiday

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | February 14th, 2016

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The TripAdvisor App is finally available for Windows 10 as free download from Windows 10 PC and Windows Store. Across 47 markets worldwide, this app is now available for free.

Using this app, as per the director of Mobile Partnerships, users can have a lot of fun booking their holidays and planning a vacation. The end result of several months of designing and planning is really bright and impressive. It can give users a seamless experience across various Windows devices and it also delivers amazing travel solution into the advanced Microsoft ecosystem!

Tripadvisor App Tripadvisor Windows 10 App

This new app also offers a host of great features and content that has been the pillars of success for TripAdvisor, which makes it the most popular travel app. There are some exciting and innovative smartphone tools, which can be found in Windows 10 for the very first time.

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According to the developer team, this app has been simply designed to give travellers an easy and comprehensive solution to plan and book their best trips possible. For that, they have gathered great trips shared by global travel communities with the fastest and easiest booking tool. Also, they are offering the best price.

The app brings to you more than 290 million user opinions and reviews of hotels, restaurants and local attractions of different places around the world in your fingertips. Users can see real-time pictures and read genuine reviews from the app directly. There’s GPS for easy navigation too.

With more than 50 percent of traffic coming from mobile devices, it is the biggest priority to make app experience seamless and navigable. So, this particular app is likely to be a huge success with US and UK travellers from now on. Moreover, the TripAdvisor app now allows instant booking platform that can be accessed through the app. This feature can help travellers to compare hotels, availability, book accommodation and check prices all within the app.

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