Well Priced, Stylish and Nicely Built Phone Still Favored by Users in UK – The Nokia Lumia 830

by | Nokia Lumia 830 | September 3rd, 2015

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A phone that is nicely built, well priced and stylish and still finds some favour with the users in UK is the Nokia Lumia 830.

Mobile phone world is extremely volatile and what emerges as the flagship today quickly becomes the thing of the past after some months; what to speak of a year. Yet there are some that have been able to continue its hold over the users for longer than usual and the Nokia Lumia 930 Monthly comes in those ranks. Despite emergence of a series of handsets of higher dimensions afterwards, the smart phone has still been able to keep its head high in the market.

Nokia Lumia 830

The smart phone has decent build, excellent battery life and an efficient camera to boast and add to this the mid-range price tag and the reasons for its continuing popularity even after a year of release would become evident. In fact; the Nokia Lumia 830 is more popular among the mid range prices smart phone users in UK.

Nokia Lumia 830 is a decent option for those looking for the Windows phone. The phone set is well put together with a colourful backside as well as thin plastic covers. The plastic cover can be detached and this gives the user access to the battery as well as the SIM and micro-SD card slot in the handset.

The handset is not very small and is a bit on the thicker side. But the handset is preferred by many because it is easier using. At 150 grams it is also not very light or very heavy. An attractive feature is the screen that can be called small-big screen with a sliver strip surrounding the display area.

Users in UK may also be waiting for the upgrade to much spoken about Windows 10 operating system that might address the issues that currently Window Phone users might be facing regarding platform and device independence.

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