Why Buy Microsoft Lumia 535 Best Seller Budget Smartphone?

by | Microsoft Lumia 535 | November 22nd, 2015

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Buyers in UK looking for an entry level smart phone with good features and affordable price may not have to search frantically for the same. They would find their solution in Microsoft Lumia 535. Compare Microsoft Lumia 535 Deals.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Offers

Microsoft Lumia 535 gives multiple advantages to the buyers. The design is very attractive and the price is unbelievably cheap. The software features competes with high end Lumia phones and the case is interchangeable for the users.

Though it does not have 4G compatibility, the 3G technology is good enough for an entry level smart phone. With competent interface and reasonably good display features the smart phone is acceptable to both older and younger people among the buyers.

Big screen as well as colourful features of Microsoft Lumia 535 gives it the image of a high end phone though it is not. The features provided by the phone are great for the basic users. After the Nokia takeover, Microsoft used to name its Windows Phones as Nokia Lumia but that is now history and we are in for Microsoft Lumia and as one of the best entry level phones from the Company in form of Microsoft Lumia 535.

The plastic body is familiar Lumia type and the ultra budget phone has some especially attractive features. One of the highlights of Microsoft Lumia 535 is the larger 5 inch display screen unusual for an entry level smart phone. The screen resolution is 960×540 pixels. The 1.2 GHZ quad-core processor is just adequate for processing. But another highlight is the 5 MP cameras at the front as well as rear facilitating photo and video shooting and also selfies conveniently.

Despite drifting away from Nokia, the design has clear stamps of Microsoft’s partner and the one piece plastic rear shell and the range of vibrant colours are testimonial to this.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Pay Monthly has everything to offer for people looking for an affordable smart phone. For greater enjoyment, they can upgrade to Windows 10 from the existing Windows 8.1 operating system.

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