Why Buy Microsoft Nokia Lumia 930 Pay Monthly UK?

by | Nokia Lumia 930 | October 18th, 2015

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Though introduced over a year ago; the Microsoft Nokia Lumia 930 still stands out as one of the best Windows Phones in UK market.

Lumia 930 Pay Monthly

When it hit the market back in 2014, the Microsoft Lumia 930 was the flagship phone of Microsoft and had a clearly visible Nokia influence in the hardware sector of the smart phone. But apart from that also it had many other features that made it a favourite of the buyers in UK. As usual there was the price factor also and when compared to the price tag of the Microsoft Lumia 930 the features seemed really outstanding.

Of course the legendary hardware build capabilities of Nokia were very much evident in the hard and durable aluminium, glass and plastic body of the smart phone. Besides being tough the design aimed to give the users a nice feel of the handset.

The 5 inch full HD OLED display is excellently vibrant and bright in display. It also makes the Microsoft Lumia 930 a big phone in comparison to its predecessors and many others in the market. The camera is great and can take crisp photos and videos with ease. At 167 grams it could seem a little heavier but it also makes the user feel safer from the chances of losing the smart phone as its absence from the pocket could immediately be felt. The smart phone is around 8g heavier than its predecessor Microsoft Lumia 925 but makes it up with much better performances.

Microsoft Lumia 930 has primary memory of 32 GB and it is expandable with the use of MicroSD slot. It has secondary memory of 2GB that is enough for viewing the streaming multimedia contents on the smart phone screen.

When introduced, the Microsoft Lumia 930 had Windows 8.1 operating system, the best used by any Windows Phone at the time. Presently it is eligible for the upgrade to the coveted Windows 10 operating system. Check out the Best Nokia Lumia 930 Deals at our Online Windows Phone Store UK.

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