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by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | June 25th, 2016

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Microsoft has launched a new app for business users to create any digital content on their own smart phones. Sprightly, the app from Microsoft helps you to create any content with design like fillers, coupons, catalogs, price lists, e-cards and many others through your own smartphone and also enables you to upload and share it.

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Microsoft Sprightly App

You can also choose from a number of templates available. This app was earlier available only on Android and that too Android 4.4 and higher, where you could download it from Google Play, but now it has been launched for iOS as well. This time the company has promised to have more templates and more colours and styles than before.

The basic target customers for this app are the small and mid-size business owners for whom their smart phones work like PCs. Now to get any filler or catalogue designed for your business you need not go to professional. Your phone will do it all.

Sprightly is a product from Microsoft Garage- Microsoft’s incubator and R&D outfit. The incubator has helped Microsoft in launching experimental consumer-focused apps like this and also to get quick feedback on those apps.

Sprightly is an easy to use app. All you need to do is choose a photo from your gallery, or you can upload one, attach it to any template browsing through the available templates and customize your design through available styles and colours. And then you can share it to the social media or you can also mail it or just get a print of it.

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