Windows 10 Mobile OS: Microsoft Nokia Windows 10 Update

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 | February 23rd, 2016

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Microsoft has been seriously thinking about its mobile phones. Since the time of Windows Phone 8, the company aimed to offer a smooth, slick and excellent alternative to Android and iOS with a tilted interface as well as integrated Office services. But, everything was leading to Windows 10 for mobiles, which is finally rolling.

Windows 10 Mobile OS

Microsoft has finally unveiled the latest mobile platform in its glory, with 2 new smartphones coming up.

Microsoft Productivity and Future

There was, indeed, a lot to accept in Microsoft’s keynote. However, we have everything straight and facts ready. Noted below is the rundown of Windows 10 for mobiles:

Windows 10 Update

1: About Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 phones have been built with the same basic technology for back end support as on any Windows 10 desktop. This means that your experience should be absolutely consistent between devices. It can also make app use much easier and developers can have an easier time building lovely apps that work on every single Windows 10 device.

2: Feature Continuum

Anyone who takes interest in computing knows that the future of computing is Continuum. But, what is Continuum? Well, because Microsoft’s mobile platform and desktop platform is almost the same; its phones have smarter tricks. Basically, whenever you connect your Windows 10 handset to the monitor, it can change the experience of looking just like how you see it on a desktop of laptop. It allows you to control thins using keyboard and mouse. You can write documents, check emails, watch movies, or do just about anything.

3: Windows Hello Feature

Hello is a clever way to let you unlock your computer or phone, only available in Windows 10. It’s a smart feature that recognizes you. It uses the face, instead of gestures or pass codes, to allow you secure access to the device with your glance.

4: Microsoft Lumia 950 with Windows 10

The new Lumia 950 is truly a beast. It has got an excellent hexa-core processors USB Type-C connection and 5.2-inch OELD display. It allows quick charging too. It has 20 megapixel camera and shoots in high-1uality 4K video. With the best of apps built in this Windows 10 phone, including Continuum, its open productivity force that you should be reckoned with.

Windows 10 Mobile Phones

Lumia 950 Monthly, Lumia 950 XL Monthly and Lumia 550 Monthly are current available smartphones which are running on Windows 10. Windows 10 Mobile OS is all set to be released for a selected range of older Microsoft devices to receive an update.

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