Windows Phone App Developers Make Twice Compared to Android App Developers

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | March 6th, 2016

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The mobile Industry is experiencing an all-time high during the last couple of months. Mobile phone technology is basically divided into three major platforms, namely Windows, Android and iOS. While the latter two enjoy the lion’s share of the market revenue, it is the Microsoft developers who take away the highest booty.

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Windows Phone Apps Developers

As per reports of a survey, an average Windows phone developer makes twice the amount than his peers at Google or Apple make. Ironically in spite of the huge gap, 86% of the developers worked for Android, 56% for iOs and only 21% for Windows mobile. The average pay of Windows phone developers is around $11,400 monthly in comparison to a paltry sum of just $4900 for developers working on the Android platforms and $8100 for iOS app developers. However, going at the higher end of spectrum, 53% of the iOS developers made more $ 10,000 on an average. For Microsoft, the number stood at 49%, whereas at Google, the number went down further to merely 45%.

So what is the reason behind this huge gap of income on a platform that has few takers? As per industry insiders, the high salary of Windows professionals is attributed to the fact that the competition on Windows platform is significantly quite low in comparison to iOS and android.

Irrespective of the salary or business profit, everybody seems to be generally optimistic about the future. A whopping 75 % of Android developers, 61% of iOS developers and 28% of Windows developers expect their business to grow and flourish in the coming years in comparison to only 16% of Windows developers, 25% of iOS and 19% of Windows developers who expect the market to take a negative turn in the future.

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