Xamarin Will Increase of Microsoft Windows Phone among Buyers

by | Microsoft Lumia 950 XL | March 18th, 2016

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Anyone who has a bare minimum idea about the world of mobile phones and Windows handset would know that Microsoft has not been able to create a loyal consumer base unlike Apple or Android phones. Among several reasons quoted behind the dismal sales figures one of reasons cited is the lack of enough applications on Windows platform. Compare Lumia 950 XL Offers a Popular Windows 10 Mobile at Lumiabestdeals.co.uk.

Xamarin Windows 10

As per reports there are only 340,000 apps on the Windows platform, in comparison to around 1.5 million apps on Google Play store and 1.6 million apps on Apple store. Given the huge number of apps on Android and iOS platform for obvious reasons, customers have shown an increased interest in those handsets.

In a bid to change things, Microsoft has recently acquired Xamarin in an effort to create application across multiple platforms for multiple devices like Pc, smartphones and tabs, working on different platform.

Xamarin Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile

Xamarin was founded in the year 2011 and has been partners with Microsoft for a pretty long time. Xamarin allows .NET users to build a coded app using C# language which could run across multiple platforms like Mac, iOS and Android. The company currently has staff strength of around 300 employees, who have been working with big companies like Honeywell, Alaska Airlines, Coca-Cola Bottling and JetBlue.

Since the onset of the collaboration between Xamarin and Microsoft, Xamarin has been integrated into Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and the Enterprise Mobility Suite in an effort to provide developers with an end to end solution.

The future of this deal is still unknown but it would definitely help to boost the CEO Satya Nadella’s vision of mobile first, cloud first technology. The acquisition of Xamarin is very interesting considering the fact that it is the first time that a company has aimed the developers to boost its sales rather than targeting the customers directly.

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